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Location- District Office-Yuba City, CA

Job Description-

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: The Accounting Assistant classification performs technical accounting clerical duties in support of other accounting functions. Incumbents may also perform accounting-related functions for academic departments which require special reporting and monitoring for grants or special programs. Incumbents assigned to the classification of Accounting Technician perform more complex accounting duties and exercise independent judgment over an established accounting function such as accounts payable and payroll. The Senior Accounting Technician classification is assigned accounting work which requires knowledge which is deeper in terms of technical application of accounting and accounting control principles. Senior Accounting Technician incumbents operate with more freedom to act and are typically assigned complete responsibility for specific complex accounting functions.

Maintain a complete set of financial records; such as, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll or other complex District accounts; assure the timely preparation and distribution of financial and statistical reports and records for assigned area. (E)


  • Consolidate accounts receivable from each District site; prepare adjusting entries as necessary; verify fund totals; prepare checks for deposit to the County and to appropriate banks to provide for proper cash flow. (E)
  • Utilize various reports to audit moneys deposited regarding student accounts receivable; initiate correcting entries as necessary. (E)
  • Determine funds available to invest; assure maximum interest on District funds. (E)
  • Process journal entries using various computer programs; reconcile cash accounts. (E)
  • Research, analyze and resolve issues resulting from computer system errors; recommend program changes. (E)
  • Design reports as necessary to provide accounting controls, budget information and financial data using report formats. (E)
  • Maintain the chart of accounts by adding and deleting components and assigning numbers to accounts as necessary. (E)
  • Provide reports for estimated and actual taxes. (E)
  • Prepare year-end adjusting entries and prepare for closing of the general ledger. (E)
  • Perform advanced accounting technical work involved in accounts receivable, investments, general ledger, tax reporting and bank reconciliations.


  • Balance each payroll, including mandatory and voluntary deductions. (E)
  • Insure timely deposit of federal and state taxes with the appropriate agencies. (E)
  • Prepare and balance quarterly and annual state and federal reports as required by law. (E)
  • Prepare and process District payroll according to established timelines; receive and review timesheets and verify hours and pay rate; post payroll into computer system. (E)
  • Calculate payroll adjustments, garnishments and process special requests; cancel and reissue warrants as necessary; total and reconcile assigned accounts. (E)
  • Prepare, process, audit and balance various types of payments to employees and organizations or agencies; determine appropriate budget codes, pay matrix and type, taxes, FICA, Medicare status and retirement deductions. (E)
  • Develop and coordinate payroll schedules with staff. (E)
  • Respond to requests from independent auditors; provide information and assistance as requested. (E)
  • Research, analyze and interpret laws, rules and regulations related to payroll, including federal and state compliance and reporting requirements. (E)
  • Provide payroll and fringe benefit information and assistance to staff. (E)
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


  • Verify, balance and adjust accounts payable; reconcile accounts payable activity to general ledger; process and follow-up on payments to vendors for supplies, materials and services. (E)
  • Verify accuracy of invoices, requisitions, purchase orders and similar documents and provide staff support. (E)
  • Compare and verify invoices, vouchers, purchase orders, warrants and other records. (E)
    Organize, oversee and participate in establishing current liabilities and prepaid expense accounts in the general ledger at year-end; review, analyze and reconcile detailed computerized records and documentation to general ledger accounts. (E)
  • Communicate with District faculty, staff, financial institution and others and provide information related to assigned accounting functions; receive and resolve accounting related problems, issues and concerns; research information and obtain related documentation. (E)
  • Coordinate accounts payable activities with Central Receiving assuring timely posting of goods received to facilitate payment. (E)
  • Work closely with vendors and staff regarding purchase orders and invoice payments; expedite orders as necessary. (E)
  • Respond to requests from the County Treasurer’s Office and independent auditors; provide information and assistance as requested. (E)


  • Advanced accounting practices and procedures
  • Modern office practices, procedures and equipment
  • Electronic data processing techniques and capabilities
  • District organization, operations, policies and objectives
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Applicable sections of the State Education Code and other federal, State, County and District laws, policies, rules and regulations
  • Technical aspects of field of specialty


  • Apply bookkeeping and financial record-keeping principles to the maintenance of fiscal and accounting records
  • Perform clerical work of above average difficulty
  • Make arithmetic computations with speed and accuracy
  • Maintain accurate financial and statistical records
  • Operate standard office machines such as typewriter, calculators, computer terminals and personal computers
  • Read, interpret and apply office polices, rules and practices
  • Prepare data processing input documents rapidly and accurately
  • Understand and follow oral and written instructions
  • Meet schedules and time lines
  • Plan and organize work
  • Work cooperatively with others
  • Maintain records and prepare reports
  • Work confidentially with discretion
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Any combination equivalent to: associate of arts degree in accounting or business administration or related field and four years increasingly responsible experience in the preparation and maintenance of computerized financial records

Office environment.


  • Hearing and speaking to exchange information.
  • Seeing to read a variety of materials.
  • Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard.
  • Sitting for extended periods of time.
  • Lifting light objects.

SALARY RANGE: $3,459.18-$4,204.66/mo. (Range 28. CSEA Salary Schedule; initial placement will not be higher than Step 3 of the salary schedule, the top step for this position is $4582.18/mo.)

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None