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The Outpatient Behavioral Health Therapist provides therapeutic services for patients utilizing group, individual, and family therapy sessions to older adults in an intensive outpatient environment. They work within a small, interdisciplinary team with a focus on quality patient care and provision of services ordered by a physician. The PRN Licensed Therapist documents all completed services in compliance with provided standards and regulations and is thorough with details and organization. The PRN therapist fills a temporary need in the absence of the regular therapist or in times of transition.

Remote work is possible for this position.


  • Care – Provide the best possible patient care
  • Compliance – Ensure the program operates within all regulations
  • Community – Become a wonderful addition to your local community
  1. Care: All employees are expected to provide the best possible patient care.
  1. Ensure accurate completion of the psychosocial assessment on each patient.
  2. Ensure accurate completion of group psychotherapy notes for each patient.
  3. Ensure accurate completion of treatment plans.
  4. Demonstrate understanding of mental health assessment of older adults.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of gerontological counseling treatment, group therapy, theory, and evidenced based practices.
  6. Provide understanding of gerontological case management.
  7. Ensure understanding of mental disorders associated with aging.
  1. Compliance: Ensure the program operates within all regulations
  1. Participate in outcome studies timelines, understanding of administration of the tests and when they are to be reported.
  2. Participate in treatment team meetings with medical director.
  3. Comply with 25-point check list.
  4. Complete all notes in prescribed timeline.
  5. Comply with all regulations.
  1. Community: Become a wonderful addition to your local community.
  1. Demonstrate understanding of community education definitions and activities.
  2. Participate in customer service training as it relates to community integration.
  3. Participate in cohesive team environment to ensure program success.


Education: master’s degree in social work from an accredited graduate school of social work or master’s degree in other counseling related field.

Licensure: License in Social Work or Counseling as recognized by state of California.  May include LCSW, LPC, LMFT, etc.

Certification: Must meet any applicable state certification standards.

Experience: Two to three years of clinical experience with older persons, extensive group work, hospital or nursing home experience preferred.

Compensation: DOE


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None