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●  Participate in pre-season 5-week training (if the training time interferes with college finals please reach out to discuss implications and possible accommodations)
●  Mentor and Co-lead a crew of 11 crew members (ages 16-18) and one Alumni All-star Assistant for 6 weeks including day to day activities at the project site, at camp, and recreational activities on the weekends. This includes providing physical, social, and emotional support to the crew.
●  Provide guidance, leadership opportunities, and camp operations responsibilities to the Alumni All-Star Assistant to foster personal and professional growth.
●  Educate and train youth crew members in camp set up, camp and personal hygiene, Leave No Trace principles, and camp safety.
●  Successfully complete conservation projects for 40 hours per week throughout the six-week session in a variety of outdoor settings.
●  Lead recreational trips on the weekends (backpacking, swimming, hiking, etc.)
●  Navigate and transport crews to and from work, camp, and recreational sites safely while pulling a trailer onboth paved and dirt roads. (Driving with a trailer can be learned and practiced during training weeks).
●  Submit written, digital, and oral reports on project status, supplies, personnel, incidents, vehicles, and expenses to support staff on a weekly basis. This includes capturing before and after photos of projects andphotos of crew members working and camping.
●  Provide guidance for healthy meal planning to crew members. Food for all meals will be provided by support staff.
●  Plan, organize, and facilitate team bonding activities and educational lessons with the aid of a pre-developed curriculum.
●  Practice routine safety meetings with crew members including evening debriefs, vehicle checks and tool assessments.
●  Conduct personal check-ins and evaluations of crew members to foster personal and professional development of youth.
●  Administer first aid and keeping detailed records.
** Additional details regarding the trail crew to be provided upon interview.

Full Position Description:

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Minimum Hourly Wage: 15.50 Training Wage 16.50 In Field

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