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Cal-COMPASS Coordinator/Social Worker


Since 1986, the Peg Taylor Center has been part of a statewide group of adult day services providers offering specialized dementia care and caregiver respite. Through this program, known as “Peg’s Place,” the Peg Taylor Center has provided focused support for individuals who are experiencing dementia side by side, and fully integrated with, the Peg Taylor Center’s services for adults who don’t have dementia. This has helped to advance understanding of the need for these services.

Cal-COMPASS is a new statewide project to further this cutting edge legacy through the creation of a best-practice adult day services model for dementia capable care and support. The goal of Cal-COMPASS is to help adults with dementia from any cause to stay active and engaged with life to the greatest extent possible. Continuing increases in the understanding and treatment of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease offer fresh insights into how adult day services can improve the lives of participants and their families coping with challenging health conditions. This is an important aspect of California’s Master Plan on Aging.

The Peg Taylor Center is looking for a Social Worker interested in making a difference for older adults by serving as the Center’s Cal-COMPASS Coordinator/Social Worker. This position offers the opportunity to work directly with other adult day services programs and the leadership at CDA to explore and promote best practice principles of dementia-capable social work support. The Cal-COMPASS Coordinator will be part of the Peg Taylor Center’s Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) of nurses, social workers and therapists and will work in partnership with the Center’s Program Director to lead the Cal-COMPASS Project.

Overall, the Cal-COMPASS Coordinator/Social Worker will  assist with coordination of the Peg Taylor Center’s Cal-COMPASS programming, assist participants and their families, and collaborate with the Center’s IDT Team to update and implement fresh approaches to dementia-capable care and support based on concepts of health, wellness and quality of life.

Job Description

Job Title:  Cal-COMPASS Coordinator/Social Worker

Program Role: ADHC/CBAS/ADP Social Worker

Job Status: Full-time; non-exempt

Starting Salary Range: $66,560 – $72,800

Job Summary: Social services are a vital part of the Peg Taylor Center’s Adult Day Health Care (ADHC), Community Based Adult Services (CBAS), and Adult Day programs.

The Cal-COMPASS Project (Community Program for Alzheimer’s Services and Support) at the Peg Taylor Center is a fresh approach to the Center’s services for participants experiencing dementia. Integrated with other Center programming, these services are also linked to the statewide Cal-COMPASS Pilot Project now underway to define California’s best practice model of dementia capable care. Cal-COMPASS is leading the way to ensure that individuals experiencing dementia have the support they need to stay connected to others and live active, engaged lives.

The Cal-COMPASS Coordinator/Social Worker is responsible for helping to implement this vision of excellence in person-centered dementia care and support. They assist individuals and caregivers  in need of this support by facilitating enrollment at the Peg Taylor Center and ensuring person-centered assistance is provided in keeping with their needs.

As part of the Center’s Interdisciplinary Team, the CC/Social Worker is responsible for assessing, designing and providing services to address participants’ psycho-social needs and improve their well-being, as well as supporting their families. This includes the creation of individualized care plans for participants to aid in the resolution of problems that may arise as the result of their health conditions and/or disabilities, and documenting all services provided.

The Social Worker conducts assessments and home visits, designs person-centered care plans, and provides or supervises the provision of direct services to meet participants needs and aid them in accomplishing their goals.  Social work treatments provided to meet the needs of participants and their caregivers may include case management, individual or group counseling, one to one contact and encouragement, and/or referral to other services. The Social Worker records all treatments and services on the day provided and records, dates and signs quarterly progress notes in the health record for each participant. The Social Worker also interfaces with the center’s psychiatric/psychological consultant to ensure that participants’ mental health needs are met.

As the Cal-COMPASS Coordinator, added responsibilities include participation in a Learning Community consortium led by CDA to identify best practices and other aspects of the Cal-COMPASS model. The CC Coordinator/Social Worker is also responsible for required documentation and the preparation of monthly summary reporting to CDA.

Job relationships:

  1. Responsible to: Program Director
  2. Works in accordance with: Interdisciplinary Team and Psychiatric Consultant
  3. Supervises (as assigned): Social Worker Assistant; Social Worker Aide; Interns; Volunteers
  4. Cal-COMPASS Role: Coordinator/Social Worker

Description of the broad function and scope of the position:

The CC Coordinator/Social Worker works in accordance with all applicable laws, standards and regulations; assists with updating program policies and procedures; coordinates with the Program Director to provide or arrange staff training as needed; ensures participants’ health and safety; addresses emerging participant, caregiver and program needs; and stays in close communication with the Program Director, RN and other program staff as needed to ensure continuity of care and support for participants. The Social Worker also coordinates with other providers on behalf of participants and their families, takes a lead role in case management as appropriate, and leads caregiver support groups.

List of duties or tasks performed critical to success:

The Social Worker:

  • Develops and facilitates the provision of an effective program of social services that is responsive to the person-centered health and psychosocial needs and interests of the participants being served.
  • Acts as a member of the Inter-Disciplinary Team
  • Assists families with accessing resources and provides referrals as needed
  • Provides information about the Peg Taylor Center to prospective participants
  • Screens prospective participants to determine general appropriateness for the full assessment process and potential program enrollment
  • Addresses dementia-related needs and concerns
  • Provides counseling and referrals as needed for enrolled participants and documents all referrals
  • Provides support group for caregivers and coordinates with other caregiver support services in Butte County
  • Promotes peer group relationships through problem-centered discussion groups and task oriented committees
  • Serves as a liaison with participants’ families and other key individuals in their home environments
  • Serves as a liaison with other community agencies providing services to a participant and works with these agencies to coordinate services, meet the participants’ needs, and avoid duplication. These agencies shall include, but not be limited to:
    • Behavioral Health
    • In Home Supportive Services
    • Home health providers
    • PASSAGES Adult Resource Center programs
  • Provides discharge planning for all participants and finalizes disenrollment
  • Evaluates participants’ changing needs and makes necessary adjustments to their services; notifies other agencies serving them of changes when appropriate
  • Supervises employees and volunteers as assigned
  • Ensures that daily services are provided as specified in the Social Work plan of care.
  • Maintains participant health records and ensures confidentiality of data, including the confidentiality of the names of persons receiving services, and protects all such information from unauthorized disclosure.
  • Helps to ensure that the civil rights (see §54435; §54437) of participants are protected, and informs participants of their program rights and assists them with related needs
  • Assists with training employees and volunteers in related subject areas
  • Consults with the psychiatric/psychological consultant and refers participants for assessment and treatment as needed
  • Supervises social work assistants and social work aides when employed to help in the provision of social services

Job specifications, standards, and requirements:

      Social Workers in the ADHC setting can qualify through any of the following possible qualifications:

  • They can hold a Master’s degree in social work from an accredited school of Social Work.
  • They can hold a Master’s degree in psychology, gerontology, or counseling from an accredited school and then must also have one year of experience providing social services in one or more of the fields of aging, health, or long-term care services.
  • They can be licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.
  • They can hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from an accredited school and then must have two years of experience providing social services in one or more of the fields of aging, health, or long-term care services.

Other Requirements

  • Computers — Must have minimum proficiency with computers sufficient to accomplish daily tasks, including use of email, word processing, and spreadsheets, as well as the ability to learn and make effective use of the adult day health care software.
  • Care planning – Must have demonstrated ability to create a person-centered care plan to address participants’ needs and goals
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with families, participants, staff, volunteers and community partners
  • Ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written English. (Ability to do so in Spanish is desirable.)

Training Requirements (training to be provided):

  • Scope of Practice Laws and Standards
  • CDA list of required training
  • Applicable Licensing, Medi-Cal fee-for-service and Managed Care Plan CBAS requirements

Professional Licensing Requirements: Not required


  • Job Screening: All ADHC employees must provide evidence of TB screening and clearance within 7 days of starting employment which has been completed within the 12 months prior to the first day of employment.
  • First Aid Training and CPR Certification must be completed within first six months of employment.
  • Job location: Peg Taylor Center
  • Equipment to be used in the performance of the job: General office related equipment, such as chairs, desks and computers
  • Shall meet all licensing and certification requirements as specified in the California Business and Professions code and the CBAS Standards of Participation (SOPs)
  • Covid-19 Requirements: As required for adult day health care providers in California, including vaccination and masking requirements

Innovative Health Care Services is a private, non-profit corporation and an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To Apply: Applicants can mail, email, or drop off resumes and cover letters. For mail or in-person: 124 Parmac Road, Chico, CA 95926. To email, please send to For more information, please contact Cori Miller, Executive Director, and 530-342-2345.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None