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Since 1975, SOLANO’S has been proudly serving Siskiyou County with building materials, hardware, and equipment rentals.  We recently added appliances, hunting and fishing equipment, and outdoor clothing.  Now, you can stop into one of our four convenient locations and choose from our wide selection of home improvement and building products. And don’t forget your outdoor needs – hunting supplies, archery arrows, targets, camping gear, hunting and fishing licenses. SOLANO’s boasts a wide inventory of supplies and gear, designed to improve your life.

Accounting Clerk/HR Payroll Clerk WILLING TO TRAIN. Basic accounting or business management experience a plus!

Within the first three months, you will be trained on the following duties:

1.Can demonstrate the ability to know and understand general accounting terms/forms/records.
2.Can demonstrate the ability to properly manage company finances through online banking and Excel Check Register spreadsheets to ensure Accounts Payable payments are made in a timely manner to take advantage of discounts, but not too early as to disrupt cash flow.
3.Can demonstrate the ability to accurately balance account payables/receivables on a monthly basis utilizing in-house EPICOR Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable accounting programs, providing complete balanced reports to the Accounting Manager.
4.Can demonstrate the ability to properly maintain legal and informative documents as needed to protect the company’s cash flow (i.e. customer credit reports and preliminary notices).
5.Can demonstrate the ability to accurately track and collect accounts receivables from clients previously invoiced, including past due accounts utilizing in-house EPICOR Accounts Receivable system.
6.Can demonstrate the ability to properly apply for credit accounts from vendors.
7.Can demonstrate the ability to properly track daily cash flow using EPICOR Accounts Payable Reports, Excel Check Register and online banking.
8.Can demonstrate the ability to properly make general ledger entries into in-house EPICOR General Ledger program.
9.Can demonstrate the ability to properly set up General Ledger Accounts in the EPICOR in-house General Ledger program, knowing whether they are balance sheet accounts (assets, liabilities, owner equity accounts), income accounts, expense accounts, or miscellaneous accounts.
10.Can demonstrate the ability to set up Notes Payable Accounts for loans along with producing amortization schedules for those loans to reflect principal and interest amounts that will be paid each month.
11.Can demonstrate the ability to accurately provide standard and customized reports for management as requested using in-house EPICOR General Ledger Program (i.e. balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement).
12.Can demonstrate the ability to properly maintain payroll/personnel records, accounting files, and financial documents alphabetically, numerically or by subject as needed.
13.Can demonstrate the ability to properly know and understand current state and federal HR laws to ensure Solano’s is in compliance.
14.Can demonstrate the ability to develop and implement team trainings for Solano’s personnel.
15.Can demonstrate the ability to properly communicate Solano’s benefit options and policies to employees.
16.Can demonstrate the ability to properly utilize Timeclock Plus Manager timekeeping system to access employee timecards and calculate payroll.
17.Can demonstrate the ability to properly record, calculate, and process payroll semi-monthly utilizing QuickBooks Payroll program, including check generation, payroll reporting, tax, health insurance and retirement plan contributions.
18.Can demonstrate the ability to properly use online banking to borrow from line of credit to pay bills and payroll according to Solano’s guidelines.
19.Can demonstrate the ability to properly keep management informed of the status of Solano’s personnel issues and financial position so problems can be anticipated and prevented or addressed and resolved.
20.Can demonstrate the ability to properly identify and resolve accounting discrepancies.
21.Can demonstrate the ability to properly reconcile checks, deposits, and withdrawals for Solano’s bank accounts.
22.Can demonstrate the ability to properly record and track employee benefit information and eligibility utilizing QuickBooks Payroll Program and Excel spreadsheets.
23.Can demonstrate the ability to provide excellent customer service and communication skills when working with customers, vendors, co-workers, and management.
24. Can demonstrate the ability to meet scheduled deadlines.
25.Can demonstrate the ability to show up on time and be ready to work.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: 22.00
Maximum Hourly Wage: 25.00