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The Information Technology Specialist II (ITS II) in Database Platform Services Section (DPSS) works independently on the most complex software systems and software projects.
The ITS II is responsible for organizing, planning, and implementing all activities associated with the FI$Cal DPSS. The incumbent is responsible for the design, installation, configuration, patching, upgrades, monitoring, optimization, backup, recovery, performance, maintenance, and operations of all FI$Cal system Database Services. The ITS II manages the monitoring and administration tools supporting the FI$Cal system and conducts technical testing, including performance testing, disaster recovery testing, and accessibility testing for the FI$Cal system.
While the duties for this position are focused in the Software Engineering and System Engineering domain, work may be assigned in the other domains as needed.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: Bachelor's
Minimum Hourly Wage: 45.53
Maximum Hourly Wage: 61.00

About State of CA, Dept of FISCal

The Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) is of significant scope, complexity, and sensitivity and has been identified as one of the largest financial business transformations the State has ever undertaken as it has changed the way all state departments conduct financial operations. The FI$Cal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System enables the state to combine its accounting, budgeting, cash management, and procurement and contracting operation into a single, integrated financial management system.  The FI$Cal ERP System eliminates the need for hundreds of independent legacy systems and department-specific applications that previously supported internal business operations of the state.

Assembly Bill 156 (Stats. 2022, Ch. 569, Sec. 18 and 24 ) recognized the completion of the FI$Cal project and codified a “road map” of future work the Department of FISCal must achieve before 2032.