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Tehama County Department of Education

Tehama County

Part-Time | On Call/As Needed

Salary: Varies based on ESSE, EIPA, NIC, RID Equivalent – Interpreter-Entry Level $18.79, Interpreter I $20.74, Interpreter II $22.33, Interpreter III $27.90

Under the Supervision of the DHH program administrator, this position provides communication support and other support services to students with hearing impairments who are placed in a Deaf/Hard of Hearing and/or general education settings. This is the entry level position in the Interpreter classification.

Any one position may not include all of the listed duties, nor do a ll of the listed examples include all tasks that may be found in positions within this classification.

  • Assist certificated staff in classroom programs and training by reinforcing instructions and providing
    behavioral examples in social, emotional, and functional skills adapted to the students with special needs. Interacts with pupils in their activities, encouraging performance, observing progress, and sharing observations with teacher.
  • Under classroom supervision, prepares materials and set up classrooms for training and instruction.
    Participates and assists in lesson planning and carrying out supervisor-assigned tasks to reinforce instruction and/or tutor pupils. Provide tutoring and/or note-taking and other support services (such as photocopying, typing, record keeping, etc.)
  • Participate in educational team meetings providing insight on the success of communication strategies.
  • Participate in lesson and program planning, staff meetings, and conferences. Enters into a helping
    relationship with the pupil under the supervisor’s direction to foster learning in an atmosphere of
  • Support the goals and objectives of classroom activities by preparing materials, obtaining required
    supplies or equipment; actively works with pupil during an activity, and assists with c lean up after an activity.
  • Provide necessary supervision in such activities as field trips, rest time, playground, meal service, and
    arrival/departure of children.
  • Reinforce training and/or instruction by tutoring students using the student’s preferred mode of
    communication, including Manually Coded English, Pidgin Signed English (Contact Sign Language), or American Sign Language.
  • Provide and demonstrate signed vocabulary to other students and support staff.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of instruments/equipment intended to improve the students’ ability to receive auditory input. Maintain a log or record of these monitoring activities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned. Other duties may include note taking and participation in meetings as a member of the educational team.
  • Drive occasionally for department business (optional).

Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required knowledge and skill is
qualifying. A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and skill would be:

  • Equivalent to the completion of twelfth grade.
  • Passing score on Instructional Aide Proficiency Exam, 2 years college (48 units), or AA degree or higher.
  • A score of 2.9 or less on the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) or Educational Signs Skills Evaluation (ESSE-1).


  • Sign communication used in educational settings, to include Manually Coded English, Pidgin Signed
    English (Contact Sign Language) and American Sign Language.
  • Basic concepts of child growth and development and developmental behavior characteristics,
    particularly pertaining to pupils with special learning needs.
  • Behavior management strategies and techniques relating to pupils experiencing atypical control
  • Technical signs and/or vocabulary used in educational settings as well as appropriate English usage,
    punctuation, spelling, and grammar and basic arithmetical concepts.
  • Confidentiality standards in the educational setting.


  • Hear spoken language communication.
  • Perceive and use Manually Coded English, Pidgin Signed English (Contact Sign Language) and American Sign Language.
  • Understand and use proper English, including vocabulary and grammar.
  • Function as a member of the educational team performing support activities as required.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential

Requirements / Qualifications


  • Submit a completed online application via EDJOIN.
  • Submit NCLB compliance (one of any of the three ways listed below):
  • AA degree or higher.
  • Transcripts verifying 48 units or more.
  • Documentation of Para-Educator Certificate or passing grade on a state or local Para-Educator/Instructional Aide Assessment.
  • Submit verification of signing ability


  • Other (Submit verification of signing ability.)
  • Resume (Submit a current resume.)
  • Test Results/Materials (Submit verification of NCLB Compliance)

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None