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Tehama County Department of Education

Salary: $14.00/hr

Under general supervision, performs a variety of instructional and recreational activities for children enrolled in after school programs.

Essential Functions and Job Duties:
Any one position may not include all of the listed duties, nor do all of the listed examples include all tasks, which may be found in positions within this classification.

School Site Implementation:
Follows accepted principles, practices, rules, and regulations of the school site; assists in the integration of services; assists in informing parents of activities and contacting parents regarding issues with children.

Supervision of Children:
Assists in the management of child behavior through the use of positive strategies and techniques; provides necessary supervision in such activities as field trips, academic activities, recreation activities, rest time, playground, snack service, and arrival and departure of children; administers routine first aid and requests assistance for non-routine injury or illness; provides information to the site facilitator for parent teacher conferences and communication.

Assists the recreation specialist with the facilitation of recreation activities; assists in the monitoring and evaluation of the recreation plan and offers recommendations when appropriate; adapts recreation activities to meet the needs of individual children; assists in the inservice training for volunteers regarding the recreational plan; assists in the monitoring and maintenance of all recreational supplies; attends recreation inservice training and conferences as approved by the project director; communicates with parents.

Tutoring/Remediation and Instruction:
Assists with the presentation of learning materials, instruction, and assessment, and prevention exercises for participants in the after school program; tutors individual children and small groups of children before or after school hours to reinforce and follow up learning activities provided by classroom instructors; monitors and assists children in drills, practices, and study activities as a follow-up to regular classroom curriculum; assists in the preparation of a variety of instructional materials and learning aids for use with individual or small groups of children; may participate in confidential child progress report activities or conferences; assists in maintaining an orderly, attractive, and positive learning environment; assists children in computer applications of classroom curriculum and publication of after school newsletter; attends inservice training and conferences as approved by the project director; drive occasionally for department business (optional).

Any combination of education, training, and experience which demonstrates ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described, including experience working with groups of children; high school graduate or equivalent; first aid and CPR training desirable.

Knowledge of:
Appropriate language usage, punctuation, spelling, and grammar; basic mathematic concepts; basic concepts of child growth and development, and developmental behavior characteristics; child behavior management strategies and techniques; basic computer applications and software, including word processing.

Skill and Ability to:
Assist in the planning, organization, and conduct a comprehensive academic and recreational program; read and understand instructions, teaching manuals and/or guides; supervise children successfully; follow instructions with a minimum of direction; work independently and make decisions within the framework of established guidelines; work without immediate supervision in direct, one-on-one and small group tutoring; adapt to individual needs of teachers and children and work with interruptions; work with children and staff; understand and maintain confidentiality; accept, understand, and relate to children who have behavioral, coordination, or learning concerns; be trained willingly in the use of specific instructional software; manage multiple tasks; adapt to changes in routine and children’s needs as they arise.

Other Characteristics:
Desire to assist children to grow and develop to their fullest potential; ability to link parents with their child’s education.

To Apply: Go to and apply to appropriate position.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None