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OPENING DATE OF ANNOUNCEMENT:          January 3, 2022


First Cut-Off Date 01 17 2022

Second Cut-Off Date 01 24 2022

Third Cut-Off Date 02 14 2022

Final Cut-Off Date 02 28 2022

POSITION TITLE:                                                  Transportation Aide

SUPERVISES:                                                          No

STARTING SALARY:                                             $17.14 to $21.42 depending on experience

GRADE:                                                                    8

FLSA STATUS:                                                        Non-Exempt

NUMBER OF POSITIONS:                                     1

STATUS:                                                                   Permanent

HOURS:                                                                     On-Call

SUBJECT TO P.L. 101-630:                                     No


The Transportation Aide will provide safe transportation for clients to their scheduled medical appointments as directed by his/her supervisor and report any medical problems arising during transport to the supervisor.  He/she will be responsible for maintaining transport records.


·        Transport clients to and from doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other destinations as directed by Transportation Manager.

·       Report any client’s medical problems or problems with transport to supervisor, as necessary.

·       Prepare for client transports by having all required paperwork, records, referrals, etc., as necessary ready and kept in a confidential manner.

·        Keep daily records on mileage, destinations and clients served, as well as cancellations and other activities.

·        Report, obtain prior authorization and arrange for repairs of any major problems with clinic vehicles.

·        Maintain clinic vehicle as outlined in “Preventative Maintenance Procedure.”

·        Keep vehicles’ interiors and exteriors clean.

·         Prior to each transport make sure the vehicle is equipped with the following: a safety belt for each passenger, a first-aid kit, thermal blankets, water, and hard candy. If necessary, appropriate child safety seat.

·        Act as an advocate for the client during transport and at the facility to which the client has been transported.

·        Act as a liaison between LIHC, the client, and the alternate provider.

·        Take responsibility and act as an advocate for the Clinic and client in ensuring that appropriate follow-up is pursued concerning any potentially questionable transport situation that may arise.

·       Call clients the day before to confirm client’s appointments.

·        Provide services with excellent customer service, friendly attitude, and on-time.

·        Other duties as assigned


A.      Excellent oral and written communication skills.

B.      Have the ability to work independently and cooperatively.

C.      Must have excellent customer service skills and orientation.


1.       Must have a high school diploma or equivalent from an accredited high school.

2.       Must have a valid California driver’s license or license from current residence state.

3.        Must pass a pre-employment background check.

4.       Must pass a pre-employment drug test.

5.       Must have a valid CPR card or be able to obtain one within ninety (90) days of hire.


6.      Must have physical ability to assist clients in and out of vehicles and to their destinations, if necessary, and lift and load wheelchairs from vehicles.

7.      Must be able to sit and drive for extended periods of time (3 to 6 hours).

8.      Must be able to deal with all patients with respect and dignity

9.       Must be able to keep confidentiality in all situations.


1.  PHYSICAL SAFETY:   The work requires minor physical exertion, such as short periods of standing, walking over rough uneven surfaces, some recurring bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, reaching, or similar activities.  Job may require recurring lifting of lightweight objects with infrequent bending or stooping alternating with the lighter activities.  Job requires minimal agility and dexterity.

2.  WORKING ENVIRONMENT:   Regular exposure to favorable conditions such as those found in a normal office.


Uphold all principles of confidentiality.
Adhere to all professional and ethical behavior standards.
Interact in an honest, trustworthy, and respectful manner with employees, visitors, and vendors.
Participate in departmental staff meetings, quality management activities, cultural and educational programs.
Comply with policies and procedures.
Display respect and understanding of Susanville Indian Rancheria’s traditions and values.
The way the employee relates to fellow employees, customers, and visitors is considered parallel in importance to technical knowledge and ability.
Any attitude or behavior that will tarnish the name or reputation of the Susanville Indian Rancheria will not be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary action.

1st Preference:              Enrolled member of a Federally Recognized Tribe.

2nd Preference:             Documented proof of Veteran Status, i.e. DD-214, Veterans Benefit Card.

3rd Preference:             All other applicants.


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: $17.14
Maximum Hourly Wage: $21.42