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JOB TITLE: Teacher Special Education – Mild/Mod OR Mod/Severe Access Program (96)

**See important credentialing information at the end of this announcement**

WORK YEAR: Full time: 7 hours per day/Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm/11 months/183 days annually (Prorated upon hire)

Salary Schedule 04, Range A, $241.43 – $588.56 daily. Annual stipend pay: Master’s $1,200 or Doctorate $2,000 (Prorated upon hire)

Placement on salary schedule is dependent upon how many years of full-time certificated experience you have, as well as your level of education above and beyond your Bachelor’s Degree.

Newly hired personnel will be credited on a year-for-year basis with a maximum of eleven (11)years verified certificated experience for previous public or private service if such service has been rendered under contract in an accredited system. For experience exceeding eleven(11)and up to nineteen (19) years, personnel will be credited with one (1) year additional step placement for every two years of experience not to exceed sixteen (16) steps at initial placement

BENEFITS: Generous benefits package that includes Medical, Dental, and Vision for employee and dependents. Sick leave accrued. Employer paid life insurance provided. This position qualifies for CalSTRS retirement.

AREA OF ASSIGNMENT: Mesa Vista/Special Education – Oroville, CA

TO APPLY: Visit:

Under the direction of the Site/Program Administrator or his/her designee, BCOE teachers will provide
an effective educational program for students in regular, independent study, or special education
programs. Teachers of students in infant, preschool, elementary or secondary grades will assess the
academic needs and identify the learning styles of their students in order to guide individual and large
group instruction; maintain a safe and orderly learning environment; establish school-home
relationships; emphasize academic learning utilizing effective instructional strategies, techniques and
culturally relevant curriculum to support student achievement.
To meet the learning needs of students, teachers will be part of a systematic collaborative process to
analyze student data, thus impacting professional practices that result in improved student learning.
Teachers must use an educational process that blends teaching knowledge with student performance,
and demonstrate knowledge of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the California
Academic Content Standards. Teachers will be expected to grow as educational professionals to attain
greater confidence in teaching skills.

EXAMPLE OF DUTIES: [May include, but are not limited to the following]
1. Implement research-based programs that show consistent and continued gains in student learning
and mastery of academic skills
2. Design and develop an educational environment that accommodates an instructional learning
program for students based on individual and group learning styles
3. Implement grade level appropriate instructional techniques to foster self-esteem and academic
success for students
4. Use academically culturally appropriate resources and curriculum to guide instruction
5. Collaboratively develop and responsibly implement individualized educational plans (IEP)
6. Facilitate community outreach
7. Support and participate in activities of Parent Advisory Councils or Site Councils
8. Collaborate as a member of an educational Professional Learning Community
9. Set up accountability systems for formative assessments and evaluations of progress, achievement,
attitude and/or behavior differences of students
10. Work with staff, volunteers, tutors, interns, and parents to assist with program implementation.
11. Participate in professional in-service training activities
12. Use multiple assessments to identify, monitor, assess, and evaluate academic achievement of

1. Use advanced skills in the development of innovative instructional strategies that actively engage
students and have a comprehensive understanding of California Academic Content Standards,
demonstrate skills in effective classroom/behavior management, employ differentiated instruction
to meet needs of specific student populations (ELD, Special Education, low performing, gifted), use
assessment data to guide instruction to support student learning and achievement, implement
standards-based curriculum and instruction
2. Establish and maintain positive relationships with parents, families and community representatives
of students enrolled
3. Establish effective working relationships with community agencies in support of educational, social
and emotional needs of students
4. Build success with students in fostering civic responsibility and developing positive self-concept
5. Have knowledge and experience with differentiated instruction and the incorporation of technology
into the classroom environment
6. Be experienced in the use of the California Content Standards in everyday instruction
7. Have ability to perform duties as per specific job description below

1. Must possess a valid California Driver’s License and liability insurance.

1. A California Teaching Credential authorizing instruction of students (as appropriate for the specific
2. Possess or be eligible for EL authorization
3. Experience working with at-risk students preferred
4. Hold or be qualified as a NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Highly Qualified Teacher in core subjects or
self-contained classroom (as appropriate for specific assignment)

1. Moderate/Severely Disabled (SH/ED)
• Hold or qualify for an Internship Program for a California Education Specialist Instruction
Credential in Moderate/Severe Disabilities or hold a California Specialist Credential in Special
Education for the Severely Handicapped
• Possess or be eligible for EL authorization
• Willingness and ability to provide medical and toileting procedures on students when needed.
• Knowledge of Special Education Law, Federal and State
• Knowledge of California Alternative Performance Assessment (CAPA) blueprint
• Knowledge of and ability to participate in Individual Education Plans (IEP) meetings for students.
• Supervise/train paraprofessionals supporting special needs students

2. Mild/Moderately Disabled (RSP/ED/MM)
• Hold or qualify for an Internship Program for a California Education Specialist Instruction
Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
• Possess or be eligible for EL authorization
• Willingness and ability to provide medical and toileting procedures on students when needed
• Knowledge of Special Education Law, Federal and State
• Knowledge of and ability to participate and develop Individual Education Plans (IEP)
• Supervise/train paraprofessionals supporting special needs students

NOTE: This list of essential functions and physical requirements is not exhaustive and may be
supplemented as necessary in accordance with the requirements of the job.

1. To comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, all new employees must provide
proof of identity and authorization to work in the United States.
upon offer of employment.

Upon offer of employment you will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination OR consent to
weekly testing

TO APPLY: Visit:
Online applications only; no paper copies will be accepted. All online applications must be accompanied by the following attachments; Incomplete applications will not be accepted
• Cover Letter
• Resume
• Three Letters of Recommendation, current letters preferred
• Transcripts
• Copy of credential from the CTC website:
or Intern Eligibility Letter from CTC-approved Intern Program

Upon offer of employment proof of a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance will be


Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity/Handicapped IX Employer
Deaf individuals may use the toll-free California Relay Service (CRS). If you have a TTY: (530) 532-5650. If you do not have a TTY: 1-800-735-2922. Upon CRS connection, ask for 530-532-5785 for more information about this recruitment.

Credential Information
This position requires a valid California Education Specialist credential in one of the following areas:
• Mild/Moderate Disabilities
• Mild to Moderate Support Needs
• Moderate/Severe Disabilities
• Extensive Support Needs

If you are currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program, upload a copy of your Finisher Letter or Intern Eligibility Letter in lieu of credential.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: Yes