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1. Will be responsible for the district technology “help desk” by answering technology questions via the
telephone or e‐mail. Deals directly with end users to provide technical support and guidance. Will be
primary contact for diagnosing and troubleshooting client hardware and software systems. The assistant
will provide remote assistance for issues that can be resolved remotely. Will triage any technology issues
that require on‐site assistance via a work order system.
2. The assistant will be responsible for the creation of user accounts and resetting passwords for staff,
students and parents needing to access to the online grading system. Assistant will input e‐mail addresses and maintain passwords. Will be responsible for making sure employee contact information in the Active Directory Global Address List is accurate and up to date.
3. Responsible for requesting and comparing vendor quotes for basic end user technical equipment such as printers, scanners, and computer hardware. Assists in the preparation of specifications for the purchase of PC based computers. Provide purchasing support to technology staff by assisting in the preparation of
specifications for technology purchases. Monitors vendor support web sites for new support
documentation and maintenance patches, and applies or recommends fixes as needed.
4. Responsible for monitoring the district and school websites for outdated information. The assistant will
notify the appropriate web master of information that needs to be updated.
5. Assist District administration in the posting on and monitoring of social media.
6. As a member of the technology staff, will assist with the installation of computer hardware and software, as necessary. Provides help to site technicians with work orders and other technology issues when requested. Will be responsible for setting up presentation equipment when required. Performs minor preventative maintenance on printers, copiers, and other peripherals.
7. The assistant will be the primary contact for departments requesting technology assistance during non‐
working hours and will communicate all such requests to the Director of Technology for approval. Will be
responsible for ensuring the required assistance is provided by a technology team member.
8. The assistant will act as the primary contact for sites requesting telephone services. The assistant will
coordinate all telephone service requests with the district telephone contractor. Will be responsible to
ensure client requests for phone changes and/or other services are performed by the telephone contractor. Will be required to compare invoices for parts/services rendered with actual parts/services received. Will provide district business office with monthly reconciliation sheets authorizing payment.
9. The assistant will act as the district liaison for clients requesting printer services and the printer
maintenance contractor. Will be responsible to ensure client requests for printer cartridges and/or other
maintenance is performed by the printer maintenance contractor. Will be required to compare invoices for parts/services rendered with actual parts/services received. Will provide district business office with
monthly reconciliation sheets authorizing payment.
10. Maintains inventory list of technology supplies and equipment. Responsible for making sure the supply cabinet is stocked.
11. Works in conjunction with NJUHSD technology personnel.
12. Must be able to meet and interact with employees and parents/guardians in routine situations, which
require tact, discretion, and courtesy.

An individual must have any combination of education and experience equivalent to an associate’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field; can demonstrate knowledge of principles, concepts, and methods of applicable computer technology and its most effective and efficient utilization; good knowledge of, or ability to quickly learn, instructional technology requirements; knowledge of standard computer operating systems and the software used in a network environment; knowledge of two or more computer and network operating systems, and proficiency at standard desktop and communications applications and protocols; and ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. A+ and Network+ certifications are highly desirable.
Must possess a valid First Aid Card and CPR Certificate. Valid California drivers’ license and evidence of insurance, access to an automobile, TB, and criminal justice fingerprint clearance.
Ability to operate a computer and related software. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing and the ability to interact positively with schools and community. Ability to handle a multitude of responsibilities with minimal supervision. Possession of an appropriate, valid motor vehicle operator’s license and proof of insurance. Basic computational skills.

Inside applicants may apply with a letter of interest and statement of qualifications.  All others apply online at

Wage salary range: $18.00 to $25.31

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Minimum Hourly Wage: 18
Maximum Hourly Wage: 25.31
Accessible by Public Transportation: No