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Andersen & Sons Shelling
Vina, CA


Warehouse Operations Coordinator, fulfills an important part of the supply chain team, directing the flow of merchandise during the receiving and distribution process. Operations Coordinator is responsible for the accurate, efficient, and safe handling of product during all phases of receiving, storage, packing, and shipping.

Key Duties:

  • Ensure all Shipping and Receiving, warehouse and cold storage locations are clean and organized.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring that all warehouse functions are completed accurately and on time.
  • Maintain accurate inventory coming in and out by counting and documenting all materials/packages into proper locations/systems.
  • Respond quickly and accurately to all lab materials shipping requests.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of all shipping/receiving documents and maintaining all records relative to shipping/receiving activities
  • Assuring that shipping/receiving counts match picking/purchase order documents and assisting in resolving any discrepancies
  • Picking orders to be shipped, ensure proper labels and paperwork have been applied before shipping.
  • Verifying (recounting) orders received by others to ensure accuracy of incoming merchandise and transfers.
  • Picking customer orders for shipment, ensuring that the correct number and type of product is loaded and shipped.
  • Utilizing material handling equipment, safely and efficiently, to transport product to shipping locations or delivery platforms and ensuring orders are staged in order of delivery.
  • Establish routes for trucks to loading area, pick up coordinating ANS trucks.
  • Designate areas for product ready to be shipped, stage orders in shipping sequence using the calendar.
  • Check to make sure loads to be shipped are ready for shipment 48 hours in advance when permitted.
  • Oversees incoming and outgoing shipping activities to ensure accuracy, completeness, and condition of shipments. Scheduling daily inbound & outbound trucks. Working closely with Production on what material is needed. When to get it here on time to meet production needs. While not sitting on unneeded inventory taking up space in warehouses.
  • Monitor Daily shipping calendar/schedule. Monitoring truck and dock flow for accuracy inbound and outbound.
  • Work with production to keep on top of WIP material. Monitoring aging WIP of material processed.
  • Oversee movement of all received/purchased or returned product, to ensure receiving documents are completed for each with accurate counts. Monitor the placement of pallet tags for these products and ensure correct scanning to appropriate location.
  • Meet and confer with Logistics to ensure daily checks for all next day’s shipments. Making sure pick tickets are printed, all cases/cartons are damage free, slip sheets are under totes, verify the correct product & case count is packed according to Purchase Order. Cross check PO to product tags & pick ticket. Make any corrections the day before to increase dock speed & efficiency. Ensure any damaged product fixed prior to staging.
  • Understand Inventory Tracking Software to generate and place pallet tags for any shipment issues I.E Split pallets, Pulled pallet for weight issues Etc. Working closely with Logistics and dock crew to maintain truck flow adhering to appt times.
  • Work with Manager to oversee booking and management of exports.
  • Other Duties as assigned

Physical Demands:

  • Environmental Conditions        Temperature: 45- 105 degrees
  • Fumes/Dust/Gases                      Moderate
  • Noise Levels                                  Moderate
  • Push/Pull-Generally
  • Climbing Stairs/Ladders-Generally
  • Working at Heights/Balancing-Rarely
  • Bending at Waist-Generally
  • Twisting at Waist-Generally
  • Crouching/Kneeling-Generally
  • Crawling-Rarely
  • Reaching -Generally
  • Repetitive Motion-Generally
  • Handling/Grasping Generally
  • Fine Finger Manipulation Generally
Warehouse Supervision and or Management experience is required

To Apply: Visit

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None