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Location: Nelson, CA

Western Canal Water District is seeking applicants for: Water Operations / Maintenance Worker. All candidates must possess a valid California Driver’s License. Offering competitive wages, generous benefits package and annual leave, retirement benefits and holidays.

Special Knowledge
• Maintenance of canal banks
• Operation of district facilities
• Equipment Operation
• Knowledge of application of various sprays
• Knowledge of loading & operating equipment
• Construction of ditches
• General construction skills – framing and forming
• General knowledge of concrete pouring and finishing
• Weed Abatement
• Communication Skills
• Meter reading capabilities
• Meter repair maintenance capabilities
• Basic computer knowledge

Tools/Equipment Used
Backhoe, dozer, compactor, paddlewheel, mower, truck, shovels, pole pikes, pry bars, various sizes of wrenches, small power tools, weir hooks, screwdrivers, hammers, punches, handsaws, hatchets, and chainsaws.

Essential Job Functions-to be performed with or without reasonable accommodation
• Operates a variety of power tools and maintenance and construction equipment
• Operate the District’s Water Information System-Remote Tracker water delivery computer software
• Operates tractors and equipment
• Reads meters and makes changes to water deliveries
• Assists with installation, testing and repairs of meters
• Assists with the repair of metered services such as gate valves, weir structures, and meter deliveries
• Sprays and mows roads throughout the District
• See attached “Daily Water Operator Duties During Irrigation Season”

Environmental Factors:
• Exposure to sun: Most of the workers time is spent outside a building either operating equipment, truck, or tending ditches.
• High temperatures: Considerable time is spent performing manual labor in temperatures above 90 degrees.
• Confined or cramped body conditions: A worker may work in a confined or cramped area when repairing a gate valve or weir structure.
• Wetness: Working for an irrigation district 10% of work time could involve working in wet surroundings.
• Actives of communication: Hearing, vision, and speech, corrective to normal required for the job.

Successful Candidate:
Must possess a valid California Driver’s License and provide a copy of a current California Driver’s Record
Satisfactorily complete a pre-employment physical (at District expense)

Daily Water Operator Duties During Irrigation Season

  • Clean off all meters so there is no debris on propeller or shaft
  • Flush all gates that are taking maintenance flows before taking reading
  • Make sure all pipes are properly baffled and that water level is above pipe
  • Read all meters and correctly enter water information into Tough Books
  • Take orders from office, growers and complete accurately
  • Weed, spray deliveries and structures providing good egress
  • Organize and stack all lumber in orderly manner
  • Clean and maintain assigned vehicle inside and out
  • Properly fuel and record usage on fuel log
  • Report any leaks or unsafe issues to supervisor
  • Turn in ride sheets properly filled out at end of shift

How to Apply: Application and detailed job descriptions are available at Western Canal Water District, 2003 Nelson Road, Nelson, CA  95958 telephone 530-342-5083; or on the District’s website at WCWD is an EOE. Open until filled, interviews starting March 1.

Additional Application:

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: 17.51
Maximum Hourly Wage: 28.73
Accessible by Public Transportation: No