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The WFM Swamper Crew Member Apprentice will work as a member of a six-person crew, and under the
supervision of a Crew Lead and a Wilderness Fuels Module Sawyer crew, to perform wilderness fuels
reduction activities within LVNP. The position will work cooperatively to learn how to safely perform hand
thinning, limbing, low-stumping, and buckling of dead and small diameter live material within a 2,400-
acre unit in a designated wilderness area. The position will be responsible for rearranging fuels in
preparation for future entries, including piling and lopping and scattering. The position will periodically
work with youth to accomplish project objectives. Other tasks and duties, including but not limited to
mechanical hand thinning using chainsaws, may be assigned as appropriate to advance forest restoration
objectives in Plumas County.
Crew members will be provided on the job training to work as a team to safely buck, and limb live and
dead trees using non-mechanized equipment (e.g., crosscut saws, axes, etc.) in undeveloped wilderness
areas. Fuels are rearranged, either by piling or lopping and scattering depending upon fuel loading, to
facilitate future prescribed fire. Crew members may be asked to assist in the supervision of, and
delegation to, youth crews assisting with the aforementioned activities.
The Crew Member Apprentice will be provided on-the-job training to assist as directed in the construction
of fire line to facilitate future entries. This may entail the removal of brush, and exposure of mineral soil
to meet fuel reduction objectives.
In all work, crew members are expected to uphold the ethics of wilderness land management, working to
minimize the visual and ecological impacts of human intervention and practicing Leave No Trace
principles. Training will be provided to inform decision making in the wilderness in line with the 1964
Wilderness Act and for adherence to minimum visual retention standards in the USFS Scenery
Management System.

Minimum of 2 months combined field experience in forest or other natural resource management, this may include but is not limited to biological research and survey work, land conservation, wildland fire, etc.; ● Ability to perform physically taxing work in all weather conditions in rugged mountainous environments; ● Interest in, or familiarity with, principles of wilderness land management; ● A valid driver’s license and access to reliable transportation.

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 2
Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: $14.50
    Maximum Hourly Wage: $14.50

    About Sierra Institute

    Sierra Institute for Community and Environment (Sierra Institute) in collaboration with Lassen Volcanic
    National Park (LVNP) are providing a unique opportunity to contribute to fuels reduction activities within
    a designated wilderness area in a National Park unit.

    Accessible by Public Transportation: No