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Red Oaks Medical Group

Red Bluff, CA

Full Time Position

Job Summary:

The X-Ray Manager will supervise all clinical aspects of the X-Ray Department. Responsible for enforcing company policies and procedures and corporate directives.  Committed to excellence and dedicated to Lassen Medical Clinic providing exemplary patient care and customer service.

Performance Requirements:


  1. Current State of California Mammography license
  2. Current X-Ray Technologist license
  3. Knowledge of PACS
  4. Experienced in MQSA and Physicists inspections
  5. Competency in all aspects of image requisition (technique selection, patient positioning and Lassen Medical Clinic’s x-ray exam protocol)
  6. Knowledge of Digital Radiography and Computed Radiography
  7. Knowledge of training of new staff members


  1. Excellent skills in all areas of mammography
  2. Excellent skills in all aspects of General Radiography
  3. Skills in supervisor of staff
  4. Ability to navigate PACS


  1. Ability to step into any position needed in Lassen Medical Clinic’s X-Ray department
  2. Ability to keep open communication with Radiologists, Providers, Administration and Staff
  3. Ability to assist and support others
  4. Accurate and attentive to details
  5. Ability to operate all computer systems and networks associated to this department
  6. Ability to perform diagnostic quality mammograms and x-rays.
  7. Ability to adapt to changes in the work environment
  8. Ability to maintain basic emotional and social competencies to include: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

Major Duties and Accountabilities:

  1. Make recommendations to improve the quality and quantity of work.
  2. Hire, train, develop, and supervise staff, perform evaluations and competency assessments
  3. Develop and oversee X-Ray systems, working with the information technology to ensure timely and accurate implementation & resolution.
  4. Promote and maintain exceptional customer service while ensuring exceptional patient care is delivered.
  5. Demonstrate leadership ability, team management and interpersonal skills.
  6. Communicate effectively across all levels, from internal stakeholders to external customers.
  7. Supervise personnel in a direct, efficient, and logical way, including delegation of duties to avoid chronic overtime and work overload on any particular co-worker or on him or herself.
  8. Counsel employees regarding job performance, and evaluate their performance periodically, in writing.
  9. Arrange for adequate stock levels of all supplies.
  10. Monitor equipment condition and ensure maintenance Is performed to ensure accuracy and safety
  11. Radiation exposure duties:
  12. Ensure all X-Ray certificates and certifications are current
  13. Other duties as assigned

Position Competencies:

  1. Guest Relations: Demonstrates the highest standards for friendly, courteous and caring interaction with patients, physicians, guests, and fellow employees.
  2. Safety/Infection Control: Observes all safety rules and practices and encourages safe practices in dealing with all patients, visitors, and employees.  Conforms with current infection control policies. Maintains compliance with Cal OSHA safety guidelines.
  3. Communication: Demonstrates ability to accept and understand instructions, expresses self clearly and concisely.
  4. Attendance/Punctuality: Is seldom tardy and or absent, Attends mandatory in-service programs and/or committees as assigned.
  5. Adaptability/Flexibility: Demonstrates the ability to cope with pressure, grasp new ideas, methods, and adjust responses to meet the changing work environment.
  6. Confidentiality: Assures patient and clinic confidentiality. Complies with HIPAA guidelines regarding patient confidentiality and protected health information.
  7. Independence/initiative: Demonstrates reliability, follow-through, ability to work with minimum supervision, desire and ability to accept additional responsibility.
  8. Judgment contacts: Makes sound and timely decisions regarding one’s work, personal appearance, and demeanor.

Job Qualifications:

Equipment operated: Hologic “Dimensions” 3D mammography machine, Fuji CR / x-ray machine, PACS system, computers, phones, digitizers, Konica Del x-ray machine, oxygen, scanner, media writer (burn CD’s). 

Education/Experience:  California State Mammography license C.R.T. (M)California State X-Ray Technologist license, C.R.T. (R)Experience as a Supervisor or lead X-ray TechnologistA.S. Degree in X-Ray Technology

Physical: Work requires physical demands of standing, sitting, bending, lifting, stooping or performing other work requiring light physical exertion (up to 30 lbs.) on an occasional basis (up to 15% of the time) and frequent walking or moderate physical exertion (30-50 lbs.) on an intermittent basis (not a routine part of job). Corrected vision and hearing required. Must be able to transport patients (wheelchair patients); Lift and carry CR cassettes and DR Panel and have the ability to move the overhead x-ray tube.

How to Apply: Visit and search for the job title to apply online.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None