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We are a retail hardware & building supply company seeking a motivated employee to help be responsible for the daily operations which include but are not limited to:

Load and unload materials.

Take all necessary safety precautions when handling freight, tools, and equipment.

Store material in the correct location in the yard.

Assist customers with advice, information, and/or help in gathering and loading orders.

Keep the yard clean and the inventory neat and orderly.

Be familiar with the locations of all inventory and equipment.

Assist customers in handling large or heavy items.

Resolve customer complaints.

Process special orders for non-stock items.

Give customers timely notice of incoming special orders.

Restock lumber bins, sheds, etc. when they are depleted.

Deliver purchases and/or pick up returned goods.

Receive incoming merchandise.

Check incoming merchandise against orders or invoices to identify damaged goods, shortages, and back orders.

Report any shortages, damaged goods, or back orders to your foreman.

Take telephone orders for merchandise.

Other Duties as assigned.

How To Apply:

Please take a standard application and resume to Lassen True Value Hardware and Lumber at 318 Ash St. Westwood, CA 96137


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Minimum Hourly Wage: 15.00